A few of my Favorite (non-toxic) Things …

toxicIn my last post, I talked about having to deal with toxicity again.  Not wanting to leave you hanging, I thought I would take a moment and share a few of my favorite (non-toxic) things with you.

As I stated in my last post, I have a list of items I had to change out in order to reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals but I don’t want to overwhelm you so I am only going to do a few of my favorite things today.  I will follow-up with future posts on the other items to help those of you who have contacted me to find out what new products I have chosen to replace the ones that I had been using. Continue reading

Toxic Overload, Round 2 & EWG

EWGAs most of my readers know by now I love to set new goals at the beginning of the New Year.  Trying to achieve them, keep them by being consistent, and allowing myself some flexibility because of the ME and the FMS (plus residual toxic poisoning) is a whole other issue.  Despite that, I am determined if nothing else.  :-)

This year I decided to soften my goals, if you will.  One of this year’s goals happened on me unaware, and to be perfectly honest, thoroughly ticked me off. Continue reading

He had me at … NORMAL

hyperbaric chamberI had every intention of writing a post earlier than this, but between catching the flu, having a car accident and trying to process some news I never expected to receive, I am a little late with this post.  But it will be well worth the wait.  I so promise!

Since the poisoning (KILZ)  and mold incident, I have been doing lots of researching, trying new herbal remedies, taking the Amazing Grass and basicall working my behind off trying to get my health back. Continue reading

Finally! A NEW Direction …

Looking back at my blog history, it has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I could give you all sorts of reasons for my absence but in the end I realized it was more about not knowing where I was headed when I was no longer bed and house bound.

Over these past few months, however, I have come to realize that while I have made great progress (thank you Becca Doucette!!), I still have a long way to go. Continue reading

a LITTLE perspetive

A Little Perspective

A Little Perspective

My life has finally settled down so that I can get back to writing.  Between my daughter’s health emergency, my health issues upon my return from Boston, and my laptop  being cracked by security at the airport, I have been unable to write at all.

I know many of you follow me on Facebook so you are probably amply aware of all that has been going on. Continue reading

Gutting Obstacles and Moving Toward Complete Health

I’m finally at a point, I think, where I can once again get back to my writing.  It is funny to me how I am always thinking about writing, but so often, life just seems to continue to get in the way.

Additionally, I have been struggling with what value my words have now that I am finally much better. More importantly, however, I am often thinking about what is the true purpose of 4Wall and A View. Continue reading

Destiny can Blossom among the Thorns of LIFE


My Office Space

I have been thinking a lot about the past three years and the many obstacles and changes I have had to find ways to circumvent.  There were times that I just had to will myself to take a step forward.  Often, those steps seemed small and insignificant.  More often, it appeared as if I wasn’t moving forward at all. Continue reading

“What’s YOUR life like NOW?”

"Sunrise in Tulsa"This past month has been a major test for me.  As you all know intimately, walking the tension line between good health and relapses is one we must often juggle in this life with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

The constant whisper in the back of my mind that asks,

Is this obstacle going to send me into another crash?

doesn’t pop its ugly head up as much anymore.  However, I still have to deal with it from time to time. Continue reading

Vacation in Boston

"Alyssa and Micah"

Alyssa and Micah

Hi everyone.  I’m sorry for my absence but I have needed to take some time away from writing.  This, unfortunately, is a quick note to let you know that I am going back East again to visit my daughter and grand children so I will not be posting until the beginning of July as I will be away until the end of the month. Continue reading

Changes in body, exercise and weight …

This week I met with my personal trainer who is now taking me to Phase II if you will of my exercise routine and getting my body as healthy as possible.

With some recent tweaking of my diet by my nutrionalist, I am now only 21 pounds away from having lost a total of 100 pounds!  Just reading that is startling. Continue reading

Hope: the Velcro to a better tomorrow

"Double Hope"

Hope is the Velcro

In the distance, the loud clanging of the city garbage trucks bellow against the stillness of the night.  Amber and soft white lights flicker against the pitch black sky.  Delved deep in the blanket of darkness, red lights flicker on and off to a rhythm no one can hear.

Smash is cuddled up with his head on my leg as I sit here in the early morning hours and soak in the quietness and the variety of music that sings during the night here in the city.

I’m reminded this night, that on this day last year, the sky wasn’t the only thing that was darkened.  So much of my time back then was spent in isolation and complete darkness.  It almost seems surreal to recall it tonight. Continue reading

ME and Curveballs

I had to laugh today because even though I am doing extremely well, I still have those darn ME moments.

You know the ones.  You think you understand and sign on the dotted line, only to find out, you totally heard wrong?   Or two people are talking and you don’t hear either one.

Yup.  Still happening.  Much milder and less often, but still happening. Continue reading

My FIRST in TWENTY years~

"5K Race - Mayfest 2012 - Tuls"This won’t be an overly long post today, but I am so excited I cannot contain myself.   And of course I want to share the news with my readers.

Never in a million years did I think I would ever say this on my blog and I most certainly did not think I would during, or after the chemical poisoning.

But say it I am.

Are you ready? Continue reading

Determination isn’t always enough 2 reach My Dreams


Weekly Schedules

I have several things I want to talk about this week but I thought I would share about where I am with my exercising and leave the rest to future posts for this week.

First, my apolgies for not posting anything last week (thanks Patricia for checking up on me).  I actually was brain dead as far as writing ideas for my posts.  I know weird right?  lol

I have made some new changes in my life and it basically comes down to putting my health first with my eating (raw) and my exercising.  I am seeing continued improvements every week. Continue reading

My AMAZING Grass Story – Part 6 of 6: Dominique’s Amazing Smoothies

If you haven’t read the first five parts of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT , Repercussive CONSEQUENCES , Slippery SLOPE , ONE year later and Benefits and Bonuses.


Original Flavor

I now find myself at the end of this six part series and I am a little sad.  lol

This journey I have been on this past year has been an amazing one, to say the least.  But it is one that I would re-do in a heart beat.  It has taught me much about who I am as a person, a woman, at my core, my faith, as well as, what my body needs and what it is truly capable of.

Again, while I have had this amazing and miraculous improvement, please understand that I cannot attest to the fact that my journey will result in the same results if you undertake it. Continue reading

My AMAZING grass Story – Part 5 of 6: Benefits & Bonuses

If you haven’t read the first four parts of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT , Repercussive CONSEQUENCES and Slippery SLOPE and ONE year later.


the body NEVER Lies

There is this quote by Martha Graham that I love.

The body never lies.

The body NEVER lies.

I have found in my life that my body always lets me know when it is struggling.  I have also found, that my job is simply to find a way to give my body a fighting chance to function the best it can. Continue reading

“Smash-ing” Around Town


Writing Challenge

I have decided that trying to write every day for 30 days is just too much so I am going to adjust my goal (even though it is not the challenge) to Monday – Friday for the month of April.

For as far back as I can remember with my ME, I always get to the weekend and need to rest up for the coming week.  At least, more often then not.  Basically, I have to pre-plan any activities and fun.

The same goes with writing, unfortunately, as it takes a lot of brain power to write!  lol Continue reading

My AMAZING Grass Story – Part 4 of 6: ONE year later

If you haven’t read the first three parts of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT , Repercussive CONSEQUENCES and Slippery SLOPE.



There is something about meeting your immortality face to face.

Often our time on earth is not something we give much thought too.  However, when your body ceases to function properly, and eating and digesting food, talking, walking, and all the other basic normal life functions become almost impossible, you really have no other choice but to have a major stare down with Mr. Immortality. Continue reading

My AMAZING Grass Story – Part 3 of 6: Slippery SLOPE

If you haven’t read the first two parts of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT and Repercussive CONSEQUENCES.

"Proverbial Brick Wall"

That Proverbial Wall

That proverbial wall.

Unbeknownst to me, it was coming at me like a freight train and it would knock me for a loop like no other experience in my life prior to this poisoning.

I never saw it coming even though my beloved pug, Dekker, had started sliding down the slippery slope in his own health. Continue reading

My AMAZING Grass Story – Part 2 of 6: Repercussive CONSEQUENCES

"My Story"

My Story

If you haven’t read the first part of my story, you can catch up by going to, the INCIDENT.

I often think back to that day when all hell broke loose in my apartment in 2010 and often find myself thinking that sometimes I’m thankful that I cannot see into the future.  If I had know what was coming down the road, health wise, I wonder if I would have had the same determination and tenacity to fight that I did out of blissful ignorance. Continue reading