60 things I HOLD to be TRUE

Even in the midst of this incredibly challenging situation, I have to come back to a place where I remind myself what I know to be true. In the midst of darkness and difficulty, re-focusing on the things I know to be true helps me to keep my bearings in the midst of this storm. These are some of the things I know to be true:

  1. Bad things happen to good people.
  2. Bad situations don’t last forever.
  3. God always takes a bad situation and turns it around for good.
  4. I am always stronger than even I realize.
  5. In the end, I must stand true to what I believe at my core.
  6. A home is not 4Walls, but it is a space that I can create anywhere.
  7. Nelson Mandela came out of a very dark place only to climb to new heights, accomplishing more than anyone ever expected of him.  If he can, I can.
  8. I am more than my possessions.
  9. Even if I were the last woman on earth, I am never alone.
  10. There is always something I can learn in every situation.
  11. The only way out of this challenging situation, is through it.
  12. All I can do is what I can do – nothing more.
  13. When the load becomes too much, only one set of footprints will be seen.
  14. A journey of a 1,000 miles starts with one tiny step forward.
  15. Laughter and humor are balm to my soul.
  16. As long as I stay in the fight, I can never lose.
  17. As long as I have my laptop and my Blackberry, I can accomplish a lot!
  18. It may be night now, but the sun always rises.
  19. I have the ability to adapt and change.  It’s nothing more than a choice.
  20. I can allow a bad situation to change me, or I can change it.
  21. My cup is never half empty, it is always half full.  I just have to adjust my view in order to see it.
  22. When all is said and done, I will still be standing.  Even if it is from my bed.
  23. I am me – warts and all – and that is okay.
  24. Crying is always a good thing.
  25. Grief is a process we must all go through, sometimes more than once in our life time.
  26. Hope is never lost until I lose it.
  27. Winning is a persistent mindset.
  28. Focusing on the positive, leads the mind to a better path.
  29. What I choose to do in this moment, has the ability to affect many.
  30. Circular reasoning always turns upon itself.
  31. The counsel of many can sometimes get confusing, but if I listen well, there is always a gem of an idea in the midst.
  32. Money is not the end all.   Often it becomes a heavy yoke.
  33. Passion births creativity.  Creativity births life.  Life births dreams.  Dreams birth Hope.
  34. Pain reminds me that I am alive and kicking.  As long as I am alive, I can continue to fight.
  35. My Bitterness grows inside me.  My Forgiveness grows inside of others.
  36. The encouragement of a good friend lightens a heavy burden.
  37. Giving myself to others always returns to me.
  38. By focusing on my strengths and not my weakness, I show the world my best side.
  39. Transparency and vulnerability allow me to remove my mask.
  40. It’s not all about me.  It’s about them.
  41. Words kept silent produce less damage than words released in haste.
  42. Truth always trumps false-hoods in the end.
  43. If I value things more than people, my priorities are backwards.
  44. Comfort comes along side the quiet, snoring, sounds of a little black pug.
  45. Prayer produces miracles.  I know because I have witnessed them.
  46. A determined spirit is never easy to subdue.
  47. Sometimes a good nights sleep is the perfect medicine.
  48. It may not be by my merit, but it will always be by His grace.
  49. Two plus two is always four, except in the mind of CFIDS.
  50. When life suddenly veers out of control, I just need to grab the steering wheel again.
  51. Fear grows out of inactivity while confidence grows out of decisive activity.
  52. No matter how many times life knocks me down, I will always push myself upright again.
  53. Selflessness is the gift that keeps on giving.
  54. What one sees as a curse, another sees as a blessing.  It’s really a matter of perspective.
  55. There is always the possibility of the impossible.  It just takes a little faith.
  56. Focusing on what I hold true changes my reality.
  57. When darkness surrounds me, it helps if I provide my own light.
  58. The more I become a blessing to others, the more blessed I become.
  59. If I accept all the help I am offered, do all the hard work I must, I will always walk out of the darkness full of light.
  60. A brittle heart is easily broken.  A soft heart is easily conformed.

I hope these encourage you.  Writing them out as they came to me helped me to grab the steering wheel again and get re-focused on the task at hand – moving on.  :-)

Note:  I will be at the VA  ER (emergency room) to see a doctor about these symptoms and the chemical and mold exposure and to find out what I can do to start feeling better.  I will answer comments when I get home later in the evening.  :-)

Determined to continue forward,

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27 thoughts on “60 things I HOLD to be TRUE

  1. This is a beautiful post and it helps so much! Yes these are things that are true and good. Would you mind if I re-posted this with credit to you, of course. I pray for you sweetie and hope you are feeling better.

    Rosemary Lee´s last blog post ..THE FOG HAS NOT LIFTED

  2. Sometimes, you amaze me with your brilliance! That, and your ability to “hit the mark” in pinpointing what I am feeling on any particular given day. I SO needed this LIST today — more than you know.”

    met a nice guy tonight and also put my profile and pic online.

    Don’t worry — I’m STILL working on the list!!

    Take care,
    Amy Yannello´s last blog post ..Getting out

    • Amy – Nice guy! It must be in the air. My sister just met a nice guy! I’m glad that something nice happened to you! You definitely deserve something good. :-)

  3. So glad you found a ride the the VA ER and I hope it was a good experience
    and helpful.
    I took the liberty of printing out your 60 things I hold to be true. Thought it
    would be ok as I’m posting it on my refrigerator.
    I hoard printer ink as it is pricey – But this post was so excellent. I notice a pattern -
    I keep forgetting and then remembering lessons. Reading your list
    will help me remember these gems when I’m going astray emotionally.
    Your telling me of the things you do at home to entertain yourself and to
    keep busy – which helps so much with the being alone – Well I woke up again
    to remember – Yes this is so true that when I keep my mind on interests and
    when I’m being a good companion to myself – then yes I am much better
    about being alone a lot. Just a BIG THANK YOU!

    • Patricia – My experience at the VA was a really good one. They have made major changes!

      Not a problem. I’m glad you liked the 60 things I hold to be true enough to print it out!

  4. Number 19 is my favorite: I have the ability to adapt and change. It’s nothing more than a choice.

    Adapting and change can be incredibility difficult however, with the right attitude we can make the right choice.

    I am praying for you, sending soft hugs your way.

  5. Dominique, I read this post twice and I still couldn’t pick a favorite…they are all so truthful and we all shoule hold them as true. Your writing is always inspiring and I can’t wait to read yours every evening.

    I hope the VA comes up with some answers for you.

    Mo´s last blog post ..Another Day

  6. Dominique asked me to post a comment to let her readers know that she is hospitalized in the VA Hospital and doesn’t have access to computer or phone. She is undergoing evaluation and treatment and expects to have a much better understanding of her medical condition when she gets the reports. She thanks everyone for their prayers and concern and hopes to be back blogging soon.
    Lillie Ammann´s last blog post ..Smashwords Summer-Winter Sale

  7. Woah, is that a whole lot wisdom! What a great tool when the going gets rough to list what “I know to be true”…going to put it in my tool box. Thanks Dom and enjoyed reading what you know to be true. :)
    Kerry´s last blog post ..Purple Sage

  8. This is incredible! You really should post one of them each day because there is too much meaning inside in each of them.
    I hope your visiting doctor helpful. I give up on them long time ago.
    Take care!

    • Yun Yi – Hi! I’m so glad you dropped in and left a comment. I’m glad you liked the quotes and that is a good idea. Maybe I can figure out a way to do that on my blog. Quote of the week or something!

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