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I could use YOUR help

"white rose"I  have been working on designing the website and am now on my third re-do!  :-)

Unfortunately, that is how my creative juices work.  I do it over and over until I figure out what it is that I want.

Well, late last tonight it hit me.  I had this amazing idea.  Just one little problem, however.  I can’t make it happen without your help.

What I am trying to do (this rocks) is create a background mural, if you will, of photographs of lots of people with M.E./CFS.  I’m going to create a collage of all the photos I get and put them on the website as the background photo.

You’re probably wondering why I would do this, right?  Well, the name and tagline for the website it:

INVISIBLE AWARENESS:  raising M.E./CFS awareness … 1STORY @ aTIME.

Now can you see my vision.  What better background then one with everyone’s photographs on it!

If you decide you want to be part of this, then I need you to not only permit me to use your photograph on the website, but also to allow me to alter it in size if need be, and/or change it to black and white if necessary.  (I’m not sure if all the colors might be too much for our eyes).

Also, I will gladly take any size photos that you are willing to submit.  I would prefer the photos to be of you alone, however,  In addition, each person can submit up to three photos.  If I have a good turn out, that should be enough.

I will assume – please be clear about this – that if you send me your photos you are granting me permission to use them on the website (only).

Anyway, I am totally stoked because I think the background full of photos reinforces the tag line of, 1STORY@ aTIME!

So, if you want to be part of this project, please send your photos to the below address.

I have one other request, if you will so allow me.  I am creating a section on the website that will showcase M.E./CFS sufferers who have written books.  The books don’t necessarily have to be on M.E./CFS,  you just have to be a published author who is living with this illness.

If you would like to be interviewed and your book showcased on the website, please send me the following information.

1.  Your name

2.  Name of book and subject

3.  Photo of book

4.  Link to book

I have chosen the theme I use for this blog, as the theme for the Invisible Awareness, just so I can interview and showcase M.E./CFS authors!

Thank you!  I can’t wait to show you all what I have been up to!

Determined to continue forward,

"Author's Signature"

18 thoughts on “I could use YOUR help”

  1. Renee says:

    What a super idea…and I love the new look here ~ it really fits your blog title… I am hoping to find something that fits mine too that I will keep permanantly. I will look for photos..
    Renee´s last blog post ..Saturday Scribbles On Sunday

    1. Dominique says:

      Renee – Thanks you. My sister in Mass. suggested I use one of my photos in October on my blog but I didn’t like the one she chose. It was too heavy. So I tried some of my other ones and I loved how this one worked. It did exactly what I wanted and now it ties everything together. Now to create a logo to wrap it all up in a tidy bow!

      Aw thank you!

  2. Baffled says:

    I’ll try to get you a pic on a day that I’ve actually managed to shower. Sad to say that it doesn’t happen very often. Maybe I’ll wear my new Christmas pajamas :-)
    Baffled´s last blog post ..Christmas Carols CFS Style

    1. Dominique says:

      Baffled – I love the idea of a photo in your Christmas pajamas! Hey…that’s where most of us live. That and sweats! :-)

  3. Laurel says:

    It’s looking good, Dominique! And not just because my story is featured on there. Ha ha. :) I’ll try to send photos soon. Love the concept!
    Laurel´s last blog post ..New Video- What is ME-CFS

    1. Dominique says:

      Laurel – Thank you. I am going a completely different direction than I originally showed you. Trying to brand the website so it can be understood in 10 seconds or less! Thanks. I will be looking for the photo.

  4. phylor says:

    I haven’t written a book, but I might be able to find a photograph! Great idea for the background for your new project. The picture you choose for this blog looks great!
    phylor´s last blog post ..december resolutions- weeks 2 &amp 3

    1. Dominique says:

      phylor – Yeah! Photo is good! :-)

      Isn’t that a great idea. Love that! I call that a “God idea”! ha ha

      The picture for this blog was my sister’s idea (who is an interior designer) and I liked her idea. I sent the new look and she loved it so I know I did good.

  5. Toni Bernhard says:

    Love the idea, Dominique. I’ll send pictures and info about my book. Great work you’re doing!

    1. Dominique says:

      Toni – Thank you and Thank you. Well, I want to give voice to so many who have no voice. Hopefull the site will do that I’ve been trying to think of other things I can post on throughout the month/year that will further give voice to M.E./CFS sufferers and that is how I came up with the authors. I also, have another idea up my sleeve which I will start working on this year. I may be contacting you for (via email) for a much more detailed interview.

  6. Jolene says:

    You can use ANY pic you want of mine on facebook if you need to!
    Jolene´s last blog post ..My Christmas Wish

    1. Dominique says:

      Jolene – Woo Hoo! I know which three I’m choosing too. Got get one with that new do! And the Jacqueline Smith look too! LOL!

  7. Patricia Stotler says:

    Thank you for being an advocate for all of us suffering from
    Me/CFS and FM (not leaving out your lung disease just
    cannot recall the exact label for it) and all invisible illnesses–
    especially using your skills that us low tech people don’t have. I hear
    excitement in your voice. That’s great. I mentioned all invisible
    chronic illnesses because many of us have multiple conditions
    along with ME/CFS

    1. Dominique says:

      Patricia – RADs = Reactive Airway Disease. :-)

      You’re welcome. I need to feel like I am making a difference even if it is just a small contribution.

      Yes, it is amazing to me how many different (invisible) illnesses there are now.

  8. upnorth says:

    What a great idea, I can’t wait to see how it looks! (sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL lately) Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years.
    upnorth´s last blog post ..Books I Read in 2010

    1. Dominique says:

      upnorth – You are always missed when you are absent for a while. It is always nice to have you back. I hope your photo will be among the back drop!

  9. Kathy says:

    is it only people with CFS you want pictures from? I have FM…

    1. Dominique says:

      Kathy – Hey. I am only taking photos of those with ME/CFS. Let me explain why. FMS has become much more accepted, even having drugs being created and what not. ME/CFS is getting hardly any attention and so my goal is to help raise awarness here. Also, the two, in most medical arenas, are being treated as two different illnesses, although some still stay they are the same illness. I don’t want to confuse the issue so I chose to just go with ME/CFS. Thank you though.

      Maybe in the future we can do one for FMS…

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