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Can Food Heal MY BRAIN?

I was recently reading Baffled’s blog, Infinite Daze, (great blog to check out if you haven’t already) and she had posted a video.  I decided to watch it in full (or more accurately listen to it) and by the end, I was jumping up and down with excitement!  I just had to share it here and tell you why I am excited.

Dr. Terry Wahl was diagnosed with MS (which we know is similar in how it operates in the body to other autoimmune illness and ME) and told that she would be okay for 10 years and then it would get bad.  However, she rapidly declined within 3 years.

Not one to sit around, she started looking to medicine for the answer.  However, her journey finally led her to herbs and then to organic, wholesome food.

Here is the stunning result, though.  She is now completely well from MS and she did it all through supplements (herbal) and diet.  Mainly an intensive approach in which she used food as medicine.

And she did this by figuring out what the brain needed as far as supplements and nutrients, created an eating plan and supplement plan to feed it that, and the body and her brain, basically healed themselves!

I was so freakin’ excited after seeing that video, I cannot even put it into words.  If she could do this with her diet, then maybe I can do this with the FMS and ME and my eyes would get better which is the last remmenant I am dealing with from the poisoning.

Not only that, but any possibility at getting well or improving dramatically!  Well, I’m in.  All the way in.  As a matter of fact, I ordered her book, Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition: How I overcame secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and got out of my wheelchair. which I will be getting tomorrow.

I have every intention of doing the diet and of letting everyone here know how I am doing.  The amazing thing is that the diet will only require me tweaking my current diet just a bit – letting go of grains and sugar – and that’s it.

Oh, one other thing!  As you know I have added Yoga to my daily routine and the results have been amazing.  In the video she states that Yoga is a great exercise because it stimulates the neurons in the brain!  I thought I was going to spit my drink out!

I’m really becoming convinced that my recovery was from detoxing, yoga, the Amazing Grass shakes and eating as I do.  And I think Dr. Wahl has just solidified that for me.

Anyway, I’m adding the video below.  You can visit Dr. Wahl’s websites here and here.


If you are interested, after watching the video, of doing this journey with me, please let me know.  A few of us on Facebook have decided to start doing it together next week.  The more the merrier.  And it would be great to know how other people are faring.

I cannot wait to see the energy increase!  Woo Hoo!  I am stoked!

Determined to continue forward,

"Red Signature"

21 thoughts on “Can Food Heal MY BRAIN?”

  1. upnorth says:

    This is exciting, I hope these small changes continue to help you improve. Just curious, are you using a yoga DVD? If so, who is it if you don’t mind my asking. I would like to try some very gentle yoga….I tried one video in the past and it was too strenuous….I’d love a recommendation.
    upnorth´s last blog post ..Work and Play

    1. Dominique says:

      Hi upnorth – I’m doing Rodney Yee’s Yoga videos. In the morning I do the twisting day Monday through Friday and then in the late afternoon I do his Abs Yoga video. I started with the abs first because the helped strengthen my core which then helped me move to the twisting section on the A.M. Yoga for your week series he does.

      When I started, you would have died laughing! I was falling over, unable to bend, lift, nothing. Now I can do almost all of the abs yoga and the twisting day of the A.M. yoga really opens up my muscles and it is getting easier.

      Rodney Yee is really good about telling you not to do something if it doesn’t work or modifying it. I have done that until I could get to where I could do a particular movement.

      Here is the links to both videos for you upnorth. Hope all is going better for you my friend.

      1. A.M. Yoga
      2. Abs Yoga
      3. Healing Yoga

      Hope that helps!

  2. Angelsolace says:

    A great video, nothing new though. Dr Sarah Myhills been talking about it for years for ME suffers, all her info and her whole book can be gotten for free from her website.
    It def sounds like the right path to go down, you will have to let us know how you get on with it dom :)

    Upnorth, ME sufferers must be careful, as exercise can make us so much worse, however, maybe this dvd could help.

    1. Dominique says:

      Angelsolace – Thanks for that link. I’m going to add that to my video section here on the blog. I had no idea Dr. Mayhill had a diet as well. Of course I’m not in the UK so maybe that is why I didn’t know about it. Thanks again for sharing the info.

  3. Renee says:

    This sounds so interesting Dominique. I have been reading a book called the Crazy Sexy Diet about a younger woman who is living with cancer that cannot “be cured” and is using foods to be as healthy and strong as she can and heal….I am going to watch the video and look forward to hearing about your progress! The earthing I am doing has Joel and I detoxing and it has given me some major symptoms from that and from more die off of bacteria…I do think think there is so much out there for us to learn from…naturally and provided by God. I am excited for you….and us.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Earthing: One Week Done

    1. Dominique says:

      Renee – My past pastor cured his stage 4 cancer with food so I totally believe it is possible. I saw him recover completely in front of my very own eyes.

      I’m so glad the earthing thing is helping you guys. I hope you, yourself, start seeing some positive results from it soon. For some reason, I think you will Renee.

      I so agree. Even if I can improve to 75, 80, 90 %! I’ll take that! And you know…If Dr. Bruce Campbell can improve to the point he has, and Dr. Wahl, and others, why not us.

      I’m looking forward to your progress as well my dear friend!

  4. Renee says:

    PS What video do you use? I have a really gentle one called Yoga For The Rest of Us (yoga for arthritis) that I am starting.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Earthing: One Week Done

    1. Dominique says:

      Renee – If you look under upnorth’s comment, my response to her, I listed the three videos I did. I did abridged versions of the yoga at first. Sometimes, 2 minutes and that was it. I just kept at it for a month and then was able to do the ab one completely. I have now moved on to a second one and am taking a month or two to get where I can do that one comfortablly. If you have to do it in small chunks or modify it a bit, Rodney Yee’s videos for beginners still work.

      I’m suddenly loosing weight again. I get weighed this week so we will see!

      I think Rodney Yee even has a yoga video for those in bed. I will contact him and see if he can give me a link for it.

  5. Baffled says:

    I’m so glad the video is doing so much good. I would love to join your FB group. It is interesting that Dr. Wahl did a modified Paleo diet. I’m going to be ordering her book along with a juicer probably tonight.

    The combination of the pastured meats, full fat raw dairy and no grains or sugar has definately improved my cognitive function. The glutathione seems to be helping with detox and energy levels.

    To answer some questions about exercise, Rodney Yee would be too much for me as well. Look up restorative yoga or seated yoga or even seated Tai Chi. These are the same exercises modified for the seated position. Also you can wear a heart rate monitor to can watch and make sure your heart rate doesn’t spike.

    I haven’t tried this DVD but this an example of seated yoga:
    I own Restorative Yoga Practice by Deborah Donohue but I’ve been too sick to practice but it first on my list when I get more mobile.
    Here is a free seated Tai Chi routine:
    Here are the instructions for using heart rate to monitor exercise exertion:
    Baffled´s last blog post ..Glutathione IV: Week Two, Part One

  6. Baffled says:

    Also check out the use of clay for detox:
    There is also an entire chapter on detox in the GAPS diet book.

    I have now heard of five people that had CFS that got better after seriously changing their diet. Now there may be no connection as it hasn’t been studied properly but I find the coincidences convincing enough to give diet change a go. Besides compared to some of the drugs the docs have tried to put me on food is benign in comparison.
    Baffled´s last blog post ..Glutathione IV: Week Two, Part One

    1. Dominique says:

      Baffled – I will check out clay for detox. Thanks.

      Well, as I told someone on FB, it can’t hurt to eat a really high quality diet, and if it improves our lives…well…that is pricesless!

  7. Yun Yi says:

    Dominique, I am very glad you are making so much progress recently! Congrats!
    I always believe food (almost foods alone) can do the job. I am not surprised to know Dr. Wahls’ story, even though I did not finish the video. My recovery now is close to 90%. For almost one full year I did nothing new but taking care of my diet (I did not even touch vitamin. Just recently I add Calcium (with Cirtrate) and Multi-vitamin).
    Raymond Francis’ theory “One disease, two causes” is talking about the same thing. Probably in a simpler form. He even was “sentenced” to death by Doctors but he was so healthy now. I read his book and I must say, his theory inspired me the most during my sick time, gave me the hope every time when I was knocked down.
    I also believe diet is a personal thing. We all have to figure out what’s the best for ourselves. I followed some sort of diet 2009 for several months and it caused me tremendously. But that might be because I am Chinese (I cannot eat too much raw vegs).
    I didn’t mean to give you too much info. I am very happy you see the hope and I believe you will do just as good.
    Take care!

    1. Dominique says:

      Yun Yi – I knew you would totally understand all of this. I’m glad you eating plan has helped you so much. That is awesome!

  8. Sparkling Red says:

    Dominique, this is so exciting! Thank you very much for passing along the links. I totally believe in the power of diet to transform health; when I was in my early 20’s I used supplements and food to go from having IBS symptoms every day to having a gut that normally functions like a Swiss watch. I’m already dairy-free and wheat-free, but there are supplements on Dr. Wahls’ list that I haven’t tried, and certainly her health diet goes beyond what I have thought of as “healthy”. I will be ordering that book immediately, and eating lots of kale! Thanks again.
    Sparkling Red´s last blog post ..Getting There

    1. Dominique says:

      Sparkling Red – I know! You’re reacting like I did! We are thinking of putting together a FB page so if you’re on FB, you might want to join us. I think I will call it the “Doing the Wahl Eating Plan” so look us up.


  9. a rainbow at night says:

    I’m worried for you, in the way that a fellow sufferer gets concerned that another will get their hopes up for a treatment and then get burned again. I don’t want you to get burned. :( Food hasn’t played as dramatic a role in my health as in others’, though I definitely have transformed my diet into something very healthy. (I had to do the candida diet for a while–sort of a crash-course on NO BAD STUFF, lol!)

    But I really, really hope it does for you. It’s a very individual thing, after all! For all I know, you could have discovered something perfect for your body and your life’s plan, and this will be wonderful! It surely can’t hurt, to get rid of those things, that’s for sure, and I know your system will thank you for it even if you don’t see results outright. It will also accelerate weight loss, so be careful not to lose too much! 😉

    1. Dominique says:

      A Rainbow in the night – Thank you for your concern. I am not putting my absolute hope in the diet. Having said that, I am a huge believer in quality food giving the body what it needs to heal itself or at least return to a state that is the best it can be. No matter the outcome, my body will be in the best place nutrionally to deal with the ME. In addition, I am taking on some new treatments as an anti-oxidization product and alkalining my body. Both help reduce inflammation and that is key in ME.

      While I totally understand that completely recovery may not be the result, I will be healthier. I pretty much eat like th Wahl’s diet already I just have to clean up a few areas. So for me this is more about giving my body the best and allowing it time to do whatever it can.

      Plus, I will lose weight which is paramount in my feeling better and reducing pain.

      Herbal remedies have really helped me grab control of my pain levels. I rarely have pain anymore. (except in my eyes). So for me this is a core belief. I have to give it my best shot. If one person can do it (and my friend has now met 5 people who have done it and recovered) then the possiblity is there for me. That is what I am grabbing on to. Possibility.

      As I said, if I don’t completely recover I will still be in a much better place health wise.

      Thanks for your concern. I really do appreciate it. Made me smile!

      As for the weight loss I still have another 60 to go so I’m okay for now. Thanks for the reminder, though! :-)

  10. Patricia Stotler says:

    I wish you well with your diet and yoga. I’m sure your increased
    happiness level lately also is healing. I wish there was a proven
    and simple diet that helps everyone; but it isn’t that simple.
    I admire everyone who persists in finding ways to improve.
    I get overwhlemed reading about diets, books, videos’ & hearing
    about people who manage to get much better. Yes overwhelmed
    is my response rather than “Oh boy I can try such and such” I trust I
    can express myself without being judged. There are so many hurdles being housebound, a limited income and my once a week shopper is
    allowed only to drive min. mileage-so that going to better
    food stores or buying online (I’m a dinasour-don’t trust online
    shopping as I’m not computer savy. My MacAfee security
    is outdated)– I know there are others with these hurdles to
    cross and they do. I can’t immediately buy the books, can’t watch
    the videos (not with dial up) Wow am I being a downer?
    So sorry. I will say over the years I especially had a phone
    pal with ME who was always suggesting this thing and that
    and I had the same reaction-stress! not enthusiasm or wow
    I can try these things. Stress isn’t good for ME
    I find that if I just don’t get caught up in “I should try this
    or do that” that I feel more peaceful and perhaps that is
    the reason why at 64 I’m as “well” as I am. I don’t want
    to rain on anyone’s parade. I truly am happy to hear you
    are finding ways to recover from the poisioning on top
    of having ME, Dominique. Thank you for letting me be
    real and if I have been a “downer” I’m sorry I just wanted
    to be real that my way may seem passive but it is what
    I can manage. I’m simply astounded about all the energy
    knowledge, trying new things, reading new books, going
    all over the web for hope and inspiration – it just leaves
    me feeling a little like maybe I should be doing more but
    I simply can’t get beyond getting through the day. It seems
    such a short time ago, Dominique, that you were at 20-30%
    in the dark, terrible eye pain, isolated. It seems almost a miracle
    to me that you are doing so much better. I’m truly truly
    amazed and thrilled for you.

    1. Dominique says:

      Patricia – YOU are NEVER a downer. This blog is about telling the good, the ugly and everything in between. It is about honesty, transparency and openness. Lastly it is about friendship, encouragement and love. You are an amazing part of this family my friend and I for one am glad you are here!

  11. Patricia Stotler says:

    Thank you for your support and kindness. I hope you are
    still doing better. You have sounded very happy lately. What
    a blessing. I have not been online much. I will go back to
    the present time and read about your dad. God Bless you.
    and keep you in his loving arms.

    1. Dominique says:

      Thank you so much Patricia.

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