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ME and Curveballs

I had to laugh today because even though I am doing extremely well, I still have those darn ME moments.

You know the ones.  You think you understand and sign on the dotted line, only to find out, you totally heard wrong?   Or two people are talking and you don’t hear either one.

Yup.  Still happening.  Much milder and less often, but still happening.

So that brings me to my ME faux pax of the month.  Remember, I signed up for my first 5K in 20 years!?

Well, I signed up in the wrong state!  LOL!

I mean really?!!   What was my ME brain thinking?  I don’t live in Kansas.  Never have.  So how could it think I would want to do a 5K there!  head shake.

I have to laugh.  It’s non-refundable so I lost my entry fee!

I am not giving up though.  There is a 5K for the children in June – before I head back to Boston – so I’m thinking I might do that one.  It’s only a little over three miles so I should be good.

I’m still having problems with math stuff too.  I keep paying the same bill twice or I forget to pay a bill thinking I paid it.  So frustrating.  Really.

As a side note, I have now lost 85 pounds total, and have only 24 pounds to go and I’m no longer overweight at all.

However, my weight loss has been stalled so I met with my nutritionist today and she recommended cutting all fruits except for those in my Amazing Grass shakes and replacing them with butters (almond, cashew, peanut) (high quality), cheese, yogurt and all the vegetables I can eat.

So that is my goal for the next month.  I want to knock out my last 24 pounds (if possible) by the time I head back to Boston on June 13th-ish.

I may not be able to knock out the whole 24 pounds but I should be able to get close.

I am also upping my walking miles to 25-miles-a-week this week (have been doing 20 miles a week for 2 weeks now) and also will be meeting with my personal trainer and adding weight training back into the mix, albeit very, very gently and slowly.

I’m also going to do a body wrap this month to tighten up a lot of sagging tummy and arms skin.  Might do a few more over the summer as “treats” and to keep tightening the skin while I’m toning.

On another note, my skin doesn’t quite look like it did when I was twenty or even thirty.  And you know, that hit me really hard this week when I realized it.  ME and FMS swooped in and literally stole 2 decades of my life.  I’m getting it back but it’s like I traded my convertible for a van.

Well, maybe that is a bad analogy but it definitely seems a little harder to get back what I lost now that I’m hitting 50 in September.  Maybe it’s a patience issue.  Who knows.

What I do know is that while I am doing soooo much better, ME still likes to through a curve ball into my life every once in a while.  Too bad it usually means I’m out money when it happens!  lol

Determined to continue forward,

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2 thoughts on “ME and Curveballs”

  1. Yun Yi says:

    no matter. you still rock!
    but that is funny:-)

    1. Dominique says:

      Yun Yi – I guess it helps keep me humble!!! Thank you and back at you. You rock too my friend.

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