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Well, now on to the second day of my ONLINE HOUSE WARMING PARTY!  Woo Hoo!  I tried and tried to upload the videos I did but to no avail.  WordPress apparently does not like my Blackberry security and so the uploads would fail every time.  :-(   It would have been so cool if it had worked because I was able to add a voice over and even a little intro with me on it.  But not to be … at least today!

So I have more pictures for you.  Are you getting tired of pictures?  [If you missed yesterday’s post and photos, you can go here to check it out] There isn’t too many today.  Here we go!

"Small Bathroom"

Bathroom - Very Small

Obviously, this is my bathroom.   It is very small which doesn’t bother me in the least.  I still take military showers (5 minutes or less)  and don’t spend too much time in here, so it’s all good for me.

"Bath Tub"

Deep, Deep Bath Tub!

This is my bathtub!  I love this tub.  You know the old claw foot bathtubs?  I love those because they are so deep.  Well, this isn’t a claw-foot but deep it is.  I have used it almost every night since I moved in!  :-)

"Light Brown Shower Wall"

Light Brown Shower Walls

You can’t tell here but the color of the stone blocks is a light brown.  They are gorgeous!  The whole apartment is done in colors I like and will look great with my favorite colors, which are the rich, deep colors of Autumn.

"Bathroom Vanity"

Bathroom Vanity - Very tiny!

Again, this shows how small the bathroom is but I love it.  Not too much to clean!  ha ha.  Again, I have granite here, sinks are mounted underneath which makes cleaning a breeze.

"Bosch stackable Washer and Dryer"

My Bosch stackable! Love!

This is my stackable washer and dryer by Bosch.  Love it!  It took a while to figure out how to use it but once I got that down, I fell in love.  I like, too, that it is hidden away in a closet.  And get this.  There is no need to vent this.  Cool…

"Bedroom - No Door"

The No-Door Entry

This is to show you a little more of the architectural designs.  There is no door to the bedroom.  I heard that!  LOL!  I actually love it.  My company…maybe not.  But I love the open feel it creates.  The air conditioner in this apartment is ice-cold.  Brrrr!


My Bedroom Closet

These, of course, are my bedroom doors!  Again, with the stainless steel, contemporary door handles.  Besides this closet, I only have one other closet and that is the tiny entry closet.  So I have to build up and have furniture that has double and triple purposes.  I can do it!


Air mattress

This is my lovely bed.  A queen size air mattress.  I think I am reacting to it a little because I am waking up with complete congestion in the morning but this will be the last place I can afford to do.  The mattress alone is looking like it will cost me $2,000.00!  Yup.  It is not cheap to get a non toxic mattress.  But, I need to do it right this time.  So…

"Bedroom Windows"

Another Wall of Windows (2)

This is another wall of windows in my bedroom.  There are two of these huge windows and yes that is my view.  I can see to the left and right when I’m in my bed as well.  It’s pretty neat to watch the lights turn on or the sky turn pink, orange, blue, purple, etc.!  I think I like living in the clouds!  :-)

"Ceiling Fan"

Contemporary Ceiling Fan(s)

No details were over-looked in my apartment.  Even the ceiling fans are contemporary.  And you don’t turn them, or the lights, on by a switch.  You just hit one of these buttons in the below photo.

"Ceiling and Light Panel"

Key pad for Lights and Ceiling Fans

If I want to turn up the lights I just hit one of the green keys.  If I want to turn up the ceiling fans or turn it off I hit one of the keys on the left.  Cool, huh?

"Hidden Garbage"

Garbage "Drawer"

I jumped up and down with joy when I discovered the garbage drawer!  I didn’t have to invest in a new garbage can.  Beyond that, however, I love having it tucked away like this.  Nice!

"Flexible Kitchen Faucet"

Flexible Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet is a dream faucet for me.  I have to bathe Dekker 1-2 times a week to keep his skin free of allergens, and this flexible faucet is so nice.  Dekker loves his bath time in this sink.  He even came and got me for one the other day!  :-)

Open Butterfly Window

Open Butterfly Window

These are stunning.  As I stated yesterday, they had to be kept on the building because they are part of the building’s historical story, if you will.  You push the middle out and thye fold into the V shape you see here.  This is where I hang out the window to capture pictures for my readers!  Now you can see how easily I might fall out!  ha ha!

Well, that is my apartment in a nutshell.  Without any furniture.  Once I get the furniture purchased and put in, I think this will be an apartment that I will stay in for a long while.

One of the surprises I got when I moved in was that my rent was actually $9 less than I thought.  In addition, they had forgotten to tell me that my gas, water, sewer, and trash were included.  Love that!

Thank you so much for being part of my ONLINE House warming party this weekend.  I had fun and I hope you did too!

I will be announcing the winners on Tuesday in my blog post, but to give you all more incentives to check out both posts, we already have one winner today.  Patricia won the “Bridge Photo” that I took by being the very first person to leave a comment.

So make sure, if you visit, you leave a comment so you have a chance at winning a door prize.  I still have 10 books and a custom piece of Jewelry to give away.

Determined to continue forward,

"Author's Signature"


  1. Bethany Mason says:

    Love your new apartment – it’s so stylish and modern and has made me completely jealous.

    Sending you many happy thoughts and hopes for your future in your fabulous new home.

    Bethany x
    Bethany Mason´s last blog post ..Sunday Shout Out

    1. Dominique says:

      Hi Bethany – Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! I’m sorry I made you complete jealous. If God can bless me with a great apartment I am sure He can do the same for you! :-)

      Thanks also for the good wishes!

  2. Kathy says:

    Very nice. I’m a huge fan of contemporary! If that flexible faucet has a hose long enough to reach to the stove, you can use it to fill a pot of water for pasta for example. Just one of the tips you’ll find on my food blog,

    1. Dominique says:

      Kathy – I so wish it was long enough to fill a pot of water. It is the shorter version! Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. I’ll check out your blog a little later! :-)

  3. Peggy says:

    I think your apartment is lovely. Considering all you have gone through with the past situation, this is a fresh start for you this weekend and hope all goes well in this apartment. I love it!! I wish I had your bathroom…..your view…..your kitchen……like I said I love it!!!
    Peggy´s last blog post ..Happy Halloween

    1. Dominique says:

      Peggy – LOL! Well, if you lived in Tulsa you could have it! ha ha. Thank you. I do think this is a new chapter in my life. I keep hearing it is an “inspirational chapter”. I think I will go with that! Thanks for coming by!

  4. Miriam says:

    Thanks for sharing your apartment with us. I kind of admire your ability to start all over. Our things sometimes just add clutter to our lives and you have the chance to pick and choose what you will have. The new apartment is beautiful and seems to have a great design for you.
    Miriam´s last blog post ..Trick or Treat

    1. Dominique says:

      Miriam – You ‘kind of’ admire my ability! LOL! Okay. I’m just teasing. You are so right about that. And I downsized to 654 square feet so I cannot buy things that I don’t need. I’ve really come to a place in my life, where I only want the ‘material things’ I absolutely need in my life. I’m so over the material girl phase, you know?

      Everyone who knows me and had taken a look at the apartment before me, said this is a “Dominique” apartment. They were right. Perfect location. I don’t need a car – driving is something I am inclined to do less and less these days. I’m really very self-sufficient here. There are only a few things I need to get rides for. One of them is going to vote tomorrow!

      Thanks for coming by and for sharing this weekend with me, Miriam. You blessed me more than you can know! :-)

  5. upnorth says:

    Great appartment….looks like a place that would be worth calling “home”….you deserve it after what you went through at your old place. I hope the whole weekend was a success.
    upnorth´s last blog post ..Why Blog

    1. Dominique says:

      upnorth – I so tried to do the video thing you suggested but WordPress did not like the security parameters on my Blackberry so it wouldn’t allow the videos to load up. You were right. That would have been so cool! Thanks for the idea! It was a little slow yesterday, but, I had several people tell me Saturday would be a bad day for them, so I expected that. Today, has definitely been a lot busier! :-)

      Thank you for taking the time to come over and celebrate in my weekend celebration! I hope you are feeling a little better!

  6. Patricia Stotler says:

    Your apartment seems luxurious – I admit to envy of the a.c. and ceiling fans.
    I had two big laughs–that I won the bridge picture for posting first – who
    would guess- When I posted I thought to myself how odd as I’m usually
    one of the later posts of the day. I’ve never been a first to post before. Then the post about your flexible kitchen
    faucet reaching over to the stove to fill a pot – it cracked me up. I visualized
    you doing that. It just came across so funny!
    Do I remember correctly that you will be downloading to me the photo.
    Thank goodness my HP printer is working and prints in color. I’m excited
    to have something special from you. Aren’t I the lucky one!

  7. Miriam says:

    Remember tomorrow is November 1 which means new blogger books to choose from hopefully!

    1. Dominique says:

      Miriam – Got it! Having trouble ordering through NavPress. Guess I will have to email them again.

  8. Lillie Ammann says:


    In spite of being late to the party, I’ve enjoyed the tour of your lovely new apartment and am delighted to share the beginning of this new phase of your life with you.
    Lillie Ammann´s last blog post ..Thanks to September 2010 Commenters

    1. Dominique says:

      Lillie – I have decided to call this phase in my life, “Inspirational Chapter”. What do you think?

  9. Lillie Ammann says:


    I think it’s a great name for a time that is difficult now but will all become clear someday. That clarity may come here on earth or may not come till Heaven, but one day you’ll look back at all that’s happening and see blessings.
    Lillie Ammann´s last blog post ..If You Don’t Vote- You Can’t Complain

    1. Dominique says:

      Lillie – I totally agree with you! BTW – tomorrow’s post is about the winner’s so as I get their emails, I will send them the links you sent me (I think that’s what you wanted me to do) and have them get back with you about which book they want! Thanks again for being part of the open house and for donating all the books! I really appreciate you!

  10. Lillie Ammann says:


    Yes, send the links to the winners and let them take their pick of any of the books. They can then e-mail me with their choice, and I’ll send them the book.
    Lillie Ammann´s last blog post ..If You Don’t Vote- You Can’t Complain

    1. Dominique says:

      Lillie – Thank you!

  11. Laurel says:

    What a gorgeous apartment, Dominique! Sorry I missed the party. So glad you have found such a wonderful new home!

    1. Dominique says:

      Laurel – I have missed you here! Glad you were able to drop by today. Thank you! I am very blessed!

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