Well, as you know, I flew out to Massachusetts.  That is something I will never do in the future again!  I had breathing problems on both flights and had to use my emergency inhaler like it was oxygen!  I cannot tell you how awful it feels to be… at 10,000 feet and trying to remain calm so you don’t go into a full-blown lung shut down.  Scary to say the least.

My lung doctor had suggested I make sure that oxygen was available on the plane, but I learned that oxygen is now – ready for this? – rented out!  Yup.  And for a whopping $295.00!  Is that not ridiculous!  I was also told not to let the airlines know I was having an asthma attack or the plane would be forced to land and I wouldn’t be able to get back on one.  That doesn’t bode well when one is trying to remain calm!

In all reality, however, the asthma wasn’t my only problem.  I tend to get claustrophobic in certain situations.  I have worked really hard to over come in areas like elevators, stores, etc., and have succeeded.  However, the first plane I was on was so tight that I started having an attack.  When we took off, I notified the stewardess that I needed to change seats or I was going to be in trouble.  Lucky for me, there was a whole row of empty seats in the back of the plane!

In addition to the space issue and being claustrophobic, I was so uncomfortable and stiff from not being able to move! I kept switching seats, changing from my right side to left side, sitting up, laying down.  You name it, I TRIED IT!  I think the man in front of me wanted to pound me because I wouldn’t sit still.  But I was in so much Fibromyalgia pain!  Five hours in such a tight space – never again!

Once I landed safely and got to my daughter’s house that night, I had to get on my nebi machine.  I had actually considered leaving it behind because it took up so much space!  That God I took it with me as I ended up having to use it every day I was at my her house because of smells (such as the hall way being sprayed with air and carpet deodorizer). I am quickly getting to where I hate that stuff!  This was my first indication, however, that my small list of triggers – 2 to be exact – were growing exponentially!  I found myself reacting to dozens of new irritants!  Again, thank God I took my nebi machine with me!

The first week there was a blur of activity.  I literally dropped into bed every night when we got done.  I still don’t know how I managed to make it through the wedding and reception.  I think I just kept moving forward, reminded myself to smile,  (have you ever noticed how much energy it takes to smile when your wiped out?) and stayed in character until the wedding was over!  :-)

Unfortunately, while moving the flowers out of my brother’s sanctuary at his church so they could be transported to the hotel where the reception was, I had an asthma attack.  My emergency inhaler wasn’t working and before I knew it my parents and I were chasing down my sister at a local park where the photographs were being taken in order to get my nebi machine.  What I didn’t realize is that I need electricity in order to use it.

Fortunately I was able to get checked into the Sheridan without all the fuss that normally goes with it.  I did two treatments and took a shower as I was coughing up a lot of mucus.  Something new with the asthma now.  Not a pretty sight.  Anyway, after all of that, I was literally shaking head to toe and wondering if I would be able to go to the reception.

One of my daughter’s friend, and bridesmaid, who was sharing a room with me, came up to let me know that my daughter was in the bathroom crying.  She and I – at that moment – were in the same place!

When I heard she was crying, I got really mad.  Not at her, but at the fact that this damage that’s been done to my lungs had now negatively affected, yet, another part of my life!  Grrrr!  I decided then that it could – in my words – bite me!  I was going to this reception no matter what that meant.

Well … it meant putting on my tennis shoes with my dress, taking off that darn shaper, and wearing my jeans underneath so I could take the skirt off, if needed.  No one was the wiser until I suddenly changed during one of the dances from being in a skirt to being in jeans!  ha ha

Eventually, my lungs calmed down and towards the end of the night, I was even able to dance several dances!

Oh yeah!  One other thing!  The air conditioner in the room where the reception was … malfunctioned!  So there I am having just had a serious asthma attack and praying that I don’t have another asthma attack as the room is getting hotter and hotter and humid!


The second week found me at my parents taking care of my grand-daughter (we all took turns) and collapsing in bed when she went to bed.   I so enjoyed spending the week with her.  What a little delight she is! I thought you might enjoy a few candid photos I took of her.

"Alyssa Posing Pretty"

Posing Pretty


Wanna Play Peek-A-Boy?


Swinging Delight

"Hollywood Here I Come"

Am I Ready 4 Hollywood?

"The Tongue Thing"

The Tongue - It's the French Side!

"The Fam"

A Family Day at the Park

There is nothing like a beautiful grand-daughter, who always meets you with a huge smile, a laugh, or a peek-a-boy, to right your world.  And this little girls definitely does that!

I’ll try to wrap up the story tomorrow and add some more photos!

Determined to continue forward,

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