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49th Birthday Update

"49th Birthday Bash"6In Oklahoma we always have to be cognizant of the weather.  We never know when a tornado or bad weather is going to creep in and change our plans.

Unfortunately, it did just that for my birthday.  After dinner, we had to move inside and there was no room for dancing and the band was just way too loud.  An hour was about all me and my friend could stand.

Despite the bad weather though, I had an incredible night having dinner with my friends.  In addition, I was totally blown away and humbled after recieving over 350 birthday wishes.  I was completely gobsmacked!

Of course, this was the year I had chosen to respond to everyone of them!  haha  I did keep my promise but was I busy!  LOL

Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes, cards, videos, French birthday wishes, belated birthday wishes … all of them.  If made for a special and amazing day.  Not much could have made my day much better.  (smile)

As promised, my friends did capture a few pictures before we ran out of light so I am posting them for all who asked to see them.

"49th Birthday Bash""49th Birthday Bash"2"49th Birthday Bash"3





"49th Birthday Bash"4"49th Birthday Bash"5"49th Birthday Bash"7

As you can see we had a beautiful view before the storm came in and I was having a really good time being me and being free!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!  I have the most amazing readers and friends in the world.  Someday, I hope to meet each and everyone one of you.

Love and hugs to all of you!

Determined to continue forward,

"Red Signature"

14 thoughts on “49th Birthday Update”

  1. Baffled says:

    I am so happy that you have recovered enough to enjoy a wonderful night out with your friends. Yay!!
    Baffled´s last blog post ..I Love My Dental Hygienist

    1. Dominique says:

      Thank you Baffled. It was a great night!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I’m sorry the weather wasn’t on your side, Dominique, but just want to say you look great and happy and well. I really hope things continue to improve for you xox

    1. Dominique says:

      Carolyn – One who is not easily deterred, I will just have to do the dancing separate! ha ha! So two nights of fun instead of one! ha ha

      Thank you. I am being careful with my energy levels and resting the minute my body sends out any signs at all. I do not want to return to a relapse like I had this winter. Although, to be honest, I think I may have now detoxed enough that I’m getting those darn chemicals out of my body. I’m doing a liver detox in October and then a full detox in December so hopefully that will help my body improve a little more.

  3. Toni Bernhard says:

    This just made me smile. You look terrific!

    1. Dominique says:

      Toni – Thank you!

  4. Kerry says:

    Here’s another belated birthday wish coming your way! So glad you had a great birthday. You look beautiful in the photos. We’re born the same year Dominique (and same month)–young ones (wink). Love, Kerry

    1. Dominique says:

      Kerry – Ohhhhh…it does my heart good to see your face! I cannot tell you how excited I am for you!

      We are young ones (wink back). September is a great month to be born I think!

      Love you lots, Kerry. I’m so excited to see how much more improvement you make!

  5. mo says:

    One more happy birthday from me…looks like it was a wonderful night!
    mo´s last blog post ..If Someone You Love….

    1. Dominique says:

      From you Mo, I’ll take as many as I can get! Thank you!

  6. Patricia Stotler says:

    I’ve have bee waiting patiently and with hope that you would
    have such a special day and that it was on your Birthday
    made it extra wonderful.

    1. Dominique says:

      Patricia – Thank you! You are so awesome. I did have an awesome day. Wish you could have been there!

  7. Jermaine says:

    Sounds like with over 350 well wishes for your birthday that I get to be a part of your over-flow. Thank you so much for making a trip to A Spark Starts. I am so glad that I followed you back to your site, 4wallsandaview! I love your layout and your content. In short, keep doing what you’re doing I’ll be back for more visits in the future. Enjoy every moment…. last time I checked, you don’t look a day over 25!

    1. Dominique says:

      Jermaine – Thanks so much for coming by. And thank you for the wonderful compliments on my blog. It took me a while to get the feel I wanted but now that I have it, I have learned to leave it alone! I look forward to you coming back and commenting.

      I don’t look a day over 25, huh! Wow! Okay, you get a gold star for the day! Thank you so much. That does my heart good. I sure don’t feel over 39, that’s for sure. Now to get my body to cooperate with my mind and heart!

      Have a great week Jermaine! And congratulations again!

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